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10:28:07 Uhr

03:18:10 Std.

02:58:48 Std.

02:24:08 Std.

02:25:58 Std.

73.53 km

24.1 / 48.2 km/h

2:29/km / 1:14/km

379 m

90 / 137 U/min

176 / 2000 W

245 W [1.39]


2095 kCal




73.533km with 404m climb in 3:11:04. Midland mtbo 3 hours south of and through Loughborough. Did the main hill at the start then a clockwise loop. Took 2 out and back from the north then road between 11 and 19. Realy pushed for time come the end with 25, 23 and 27 all worth 30 points. Ended up 11:04 over loosing 25 points so worth the pain. 3rd 5 second qquicker would of been 5 points to get ahead of mark. Houli was 10 mins quicker though just loosing the 1 point so well in fron with an impressive ride.

Good fun.

Picked up my national league trophies and a jersey to wear for the next year which will be good.
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