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13:51:18 Uhr

00:53:11 Std.

00:36:01 Std.

00:25:59 Std.

00:25:33 Std.

10.06 km

14.3 / 37.5 km/h

4:11/km / 1:36/km

156 m

76 / 143 U/min

94 / 1444 W

151 W [1.61]


256 kCal




10.064km with 190m climb in 0:47:07. Baoc 1 hour mtbo score on a3 1:5000 o map. Wood with lots of good singletrack and some urban bits.

Fairly confident of clearing but no obvious route. Was expecting to just go to disable flags but past 2 others before my first so taking some care. All around to second as MIT seeing path on edge of dark green on map. generally ok nut a bit messy in urban bit 12 and 18 in particular. Thought I had missed 7 going to 1 and went back but then realised I had been there. Route finished right in the middle of area stoped and checked I had done them all before heading for finish past 3 controls already visited.
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