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20:18:48 Uhr

00:59:32 Std.

00:58:44 Std.

00:59:07 Std.

9.64 km

9.8 / 16.9 km/h

6:07/km / 3:33/km

159 m

176 / 554 W

208 W [1.18]


671 kCal




9.642km with 179m climb in 0:59:05. Bok training Hanham. Thought I would be by myself but Teresa came along and kept me all to honest. No stopping to wait and a good pace. Went out east to ring road and then south to river. Some slow bits getting down steep slop as ended up on backside. Different slightly earlier path up to hill and then cutting back shorter as getting knackerd.
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