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13:16:53 Uhr

00:24:39 Std.

00:24:33 Std.

00:24:32 Std.

00:24:33 Std.

127 / 160 bpm

9.54 km

23.2 / 37 km/h

2:35/km / 1:37/km

80 / 99 U/min

163 / 344 W

193 W [1.18]


293 kCal



9.540km with 0m climb in 0:24:40. More trainer testing. IpBike in control simple increasing % of ftp repeat 3 reps of it using a different base gears so the recovery bits in simple open simulation mode were harder at the end than the initial efforts.

Nexus speed issue fixed. Control worked well but need easier setup of workouts for trainer mode as well as gradient targets and a manual control option equivalent to the tacx app but not as brain dead when switching modes.

Estimated gear from dedicated sensors good but the nexus and active using the tacx data is useless.

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