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11:30:51 Uhr

04:39:39 Std.

03:28:51 Std.

02:21:33 Std.

03:25:34 Std.

83 / 219 bpm

90.72 km

21.5 / 99.9 km/h

2:47/km / 0:36/km

1092 m

75 / 152 U/min

129 / 1981 W

169 W [1.31]


2137 kCal


20.4 ° C


91.171km with 1187m climb in 4:24:07. Out to check out night event car park options. Took in some new routes to get there one of which turned out to be a push... Will get on OSM and fix it up. Then along old railway which was mot on map stall. Checked 6 parking spots. 2 too small one with a gate so one of the other three.
Not enough water with 2 full bottles it was hot out firstly by the time I got back.
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