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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:18:12 Uhr

01:16:58 Std.

01:11:19 Std.

00:59:23 Std.

00:58:01 Std.

21.39 km

17.4 / 40.2 km/h

3:26/km / 1:29/km

177 m

84 / 132 U/min

153 / 950 W

192 W [1.25]


497 kCal


Lux kaufen


16.110km with 237m climb in 0:57:12. H50 fringes mtbo. Straightforward start out to 7 a chance to see the various track sizes. 8 a bit tricky as not obvious where you could get out to main track. Then 9 the first long leg. Took long round the back road option as slow twisty stuff was hard riding with regular discounts. 10 ok then next long leg 11 slow out to road and not out at best spot as turned left nit right at one point. Once on road was heading for 12 not 11 for a bit so not the optimal route. Probably a big loss need splits to tell. Ok from here over some bits from before. Out of practice with technical riding and tricky route choice.
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