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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:56:47 Uhr

02:32:05 Std.

02:16:44 Std.

02:02:38 Std.

01:57:06 Std.

61.76 km

26.3 / 58.3 km/h

2:16/km / 1:01/km

426 m

95 / 131 U/min

212 / 2000 W

277 W [1.31]


1935 kCal


Lux kaufen


Cats cracker 3 hour mtbo score Market Harborough. Disappointingly little off road would of been quicker on my road bike only the one field would of been interesting.. First time I have realy suffered from spinning out in an event. No obvious route logging stoped 10km short. Very tight at top 4th but just 1 cp short of Mark. Will be interesting to see others routes, Suspect there was better than I did by missing some inner low point ones but I was thinking of clearing which turned out not to be an option. Still not used to gaugeing 1:50000.

Did not see alley straight away to 1 should of come back out to road for 16. 15 8 9 was probably not best. 15 14 11 10 9 is not much further and 30 points more with missing 8. 27 was slow for the points it was further down the far ride of the hill than expected. Did not spot bw by the a14 between 25 and 24 thought was footpath cost some with the extra climb.
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