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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:42:00 Uhr

02:37:21 Std.

02:18:57 Std.

01:58:52 Std.

01:52:11 Std.

54.79 km

23 / 55.2 km/h

2:36/km / 1:05/km

438 m

83 / 162 U/min

164 / 2000 W

212 W [1.29]


1523 kCal


Lux kaufen


54.793km with 533m climb in 2:26:50. Sleepover day 2 3 hours but fairly sure of clearing grm fairly early. A lot cleaner than yesterday. Slight mess on leaving 19 which we stupid as I was doubling back. Overshot turn on road for 20 should of carried on as track slow. Overshot finish. Just about quickest but well in front of Ian time wise although a number of people cleared.
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