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20:15:32 Uhr

01:03:00 Std.

01:02:57 Std.

01:02:58 Std.

134 / 155 bpm

9.16 km

8.7 / 14.1 km/h

6:53/km / 4:15/km

204 m

147 / 444 W

177 W [1.20]


824 kCal




9.157km with 230m climb in 1:03:00. Bok training the priory. Helen back joining Tereza Tommi and me. Nice but muddy up through word then quickly across to do the other wooded bit before too dark. Not pushing on happy with just an easy pace. Tommi and Tereza doing a good bit of looping back.

Phil and Jenny joined us in the pub so some good catching up.
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