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11:43:13 Uhr

05:14:11 Std.

04:45:55 Std.

03:43:22 Std.

00:46:55 Std.

126 / 152 bpm

84.59 km

17.6 / 78.9 km/h

3:24/km / 0:45/km

1065 m

78 / 146 U/min

27 / 1000 W

111 W [4.11]


707 kCal




84.586km with 1234m climb in 4:54:14. Out to find some dirt from home on new bike. Some slow muddy stuff on the flats until across the A38 then less of a grind but some hills. Did the long Valley climb up from Wooton for the first time nice but hike a bike up top steep part. Saddly the oval ring started coming off the inside when in the lowest gear after getting really muddy at ozelworth. No bottom gear for final 2 hills so more pushing. Will gave to get a chain guide of some sort which will of course just be another mud catcher which the rear of the bike looks to be good at already. Glad of road finish from Hinton getting tired and really needed a front light by the end which I did not have. Wahoo magnetism cadence sensor is fairly useless kept looking to miss a revolution.

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