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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

20:22:21 Uhr

01:19:41 Std.

01:16:16 Std.

01:17:11 Std.

12.53 km

9.8 / 15.2 km/h

6:07/km / 3:56/km

207 m

223 / 490 W

246 W [1.10]


1118 kCal



12.525km with 242m climb in 1:17:21. Bok training the cottage. Just clair and George, as the average age was down well below 40 did a slightly harder run than common now. Up nightingale through the wood a bit of terain running down as I got a bit lost getting to the portway. All of a sudden here I felt loose and light and almost accidentally left the others behind. Have not felt so easy running for years, which I knew the course as it felt great for the km I stretched out. In reality it was not quick but far better than I have got used to. Back up nightingale brought me back down to earth. Back the standard route.
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