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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

13:37:35 Uhr

00:20:13 Std.

00:20:13 Std.

00:20:10 Std.

00:20:13 Std.

7.44 km

22.1 / 59 km/h

2:42/km / 1:01/km

67 / 106 U/min

129 / 373 W

168 W [1.30]


168 kCal



7.442km with 0m climb in 0:20:14. Test on trainer. 3 phones this the z3 using bikes own speed and cadence sensors trainer for power and control but not really using control. Active using the trainer S&c feed as well as power and control. Nexus4 Ble to the trainer instally. Nexus showing double speed and drops to zero so stopped with that after a bit will look at logs.

Switched to the trax app for manual control of trainer experimented with the slop stuff. Forced to change gears so got some estimated gearing data to play with. Looks good on z3 but not on active. The cadence from the trainer has to be estimated and the speed looks to be based off a different wheel size so not good. Need the see how the bike setup stuff is meant to work with trainer control.
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