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18:59:49 Uhr

00:58:37 Std.

00:24:58 Std.

00:38:01 Std.

147 / 163 bpm

5.12 km

7.5 / 13 km/h

8:0/km / 4:36/km

204 m

85 / 2000 W

120 W [1.41]


877 kCal



5.123km with 227m climb in 0:57:33. Qantocks night event new area for me Orchards Portman south of Taunton. Normal Qo fair steep Judy and brambly wood with the odd mice bit. Think my rout was good but stuck in shambles a bit much after 3rd. 34 mins at changeover. Better than expected on second half the dark green wood proved to be pleasantly passable. came out by finish with 2.5 mins left for what I thought was final control as 300m away I resided to skip it. turns out I was 2 controls short as Han mot spotted the one ny lake only 100m away which I clearly should of got at end.
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