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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

09:53:22 Uhr

03:09:45 Std.

02:52:24 Std.

02:34:54 Std.

02:20:36 Std.

132 / 169 bpm

70.21 km

24.2 / 59.0 km/h

2:28/km / 1:01/km

682 m

79 / 134 U/min

152 / 1416 W

222 W [1.46]


1715 kCal


Scot RC1 kaufen

55.0 ° C


70.206km with 742m climb in 2:53:54. Severn Sunday ride. Just Niel and Tom but I could not keep up even with the modest pace stages with any hill they waited going over to Winford and I hung on till Harptree and told them not to wait again.

Slowed way up ny myself and kept on to wells and then skipped the long finger bit of the route. Ok heading back at a steady pace with a good tailwind.

Need to resurrect the Saturday ride to stand a chance on Sunday.
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