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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

18:25:58 Uhr

03:17:02 Std.

02:57:49 Std.

130 / 155 bpm

59.28 km

20 / 51.9 km/h

3:0/km / 1:09/km

1463 m

1721 kCal


9.3 ° C


59.279km with 1469m climb in 3:03:00. Road ride climb on my big mountain bike. Not so bad fork locked out ok. Long time since I did a climb like this, set out steady and just kept on spinning away. Cold at top put cag and overtrousers on for descent could of done with thicker gloves and hat for top half but it warmed up for bottom half.
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