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10:34:40 Uhr

03:42:40 Std.

03:03:36 Std.

44.62 km

14.4 / 57.4 km/h

4:10/km / 1:02/km

810 m

1116 kCal

7.1 ° C


44.615km with 876m climb in 3:26:36. Not a very nice 29er hard tail headed and the fork was woefull. Good bit better when I let some air out of the tires. Up the tramway which was a good warm-up then Ross lake trail to the lake and back. Nice route as it basically contours. Ross drains to the pacific lake Louise itself to the Atlantic. Then a bit of road and up the bit of Morain lake highline that was open to me. Only groups of 4 or more on the far end. nice trail down to the road then road and tramway back.
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