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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

11:31:45 Uhr

02:03:05 Std.

01:22:19 Std.

141 / 176 bpm

12.57 km

9.2 / 39.6 km/h

6:31/km / 1:30/km

317 m

1201 kCal


23.2 ° C


12.569km with 330m climb in 1:41:11. Hoc event on Titiston clee brown. Road route to 1 overhauled by young lad to 2 but into flag first.. Past again 3 to 4 and 5. Hesitant at 6 which was lower than expected. Too high for 8 but found it before any one else around sneak in and out but got seen. To low for 9 and the lad went buy for the last time but never got too far in front missing flags all the way through technical bit through to 16 were I was nice and clean. Almost in the lead again at 17 where he was way over towards 18 as I was just right of the line. Lucky at 21 where I thought ess was still well early when I saw a flag and decided too just check the code.

Good technically just not enough speed really.
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