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09:34:08 Uhr

04:27:57 Std.

04:27:32 Std.

00:10:47 Std.

00:08:00 Std.

143 / 182 bpm

109.96 km

24.6 / 53.5 km/h

2:26/km / 1:07/km

901 m

94 / 114 U/min

6 / 601 W

96 W [16.00]


118 kCal


Scot RC1


109.960km with 901m climb in 4:27:57. Severn Sunday run. Just Graham and me. Very easy out to Wootton Bassett which was of course a bad sign. The heavens opened then for 20 mins and we started slogging back into the wind. Ok to start but suffering from shearston just sat in behind Graham as best I could. Knackered by the time I got home.
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