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18:58:35 Uhr

01:13:12 Std.

01:11:57 Std.

150 / 170 bpm

9.61 km

7.9 / 19.8 km/h

7:35/km / 3:01/km

154 m

645 kCal



9.611km with 154m climb in 1:13:12. Southern night champs. Orienteering terribly. Light messing around going to 1 but ok after. 3 in second reenterant and I was running up and down the first. Wrong hill for 4. Unsure going to 5 a bit of a zig zag. Too far north for 7 . Missed simple route to 8 way north. 9 came out of 8 and hit wrong path ended up doing 3 sides of a square. Finally got my act together clean to 17. 18 looked tricky took safest route past 20 should of been straight and a bit right. Looking at GPS I did it ok but it was probably 30 m right of me so not visible in the walk. Ok coming in from other side. All in all very sloppy and I was hardly running well either slight pain at end left hamstring low down.
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