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14:10:58 Uhr

02:08:25 Std.

02:06:18 Std.

152 / 175 bpm

19.58 km

9.2 / 16.7 km/h

6:31/km / 3:35/km

490 m

1475 kCal



19.580km with 490m climb in 2:08:25. Open 5 run. Far more time than I can run for now would of been.looking to clear in my running days. Set out steady managed to forget any food and a bit warm in my cycling gear. 34 first as high points then 37 a bit messy citing through to 36 wrong turn into earmark for 35 but found steps down to 32 waited till control before overtaking Dallimores for 3rd time. Up to 33 then across the river for 29. 68 minute to here Markus was 48 for same route. No way for me to do the other 3 flags this side so back over river hard going along the flat to 23 had to drop to walk regularly left groin hurting as well as ankles. Walk up to 27 some cutting across to get 25 long climb up for 31 luckily people about as lost descriptions. Only 13 mins left so really sarted to push missing 39 straight to the finish all up hill good max hr at line.

Al was already in had missed 1 on bike but done the 3 over the river although missed some I did on run coming in. We had the same score and time was going to be close. Turns out he had me by 1 second. So 2nd overall Marcus 3rd 5 points down and with time that should of let him get another.
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