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11:17:26 Uhr

02:37:01 Std.

02:36:43 Std.

02:18:46 Std.

153 / 210 bpm

53.01 km

20.2 / 51.6 km/h

2:58/km / 1:09/km

1030 m

88 / 159 U/min

2021 kCal




53.008km with 1030m climb in 2:37:01. Open 5 fod. Bit of a bike warm-up back to van and back from start as forgot dinner. Quick markup just the none controls marked was going to get all bike controls so no need for points and I like the excuse to slow down and check when running.

This meant I caught Al going to the first one 2 then followed him carrying up the wrong none track, not at all clear where we were took different routes in mine was good to 1. Caught back up going to 4 where I went around the yellow road which probably had more grass than the bridelway. missed track to 12 so more carrying through woods to get back in just behind Al. separated here as I went 18 14 15 19 20 16 11 some really quick going on this stretch mostly very fast fir roads. Big climb to 9 push initially but road top part. 8 and then east of the oob area which should of been marked bigger as there was downhill racing going on and I had to go through cycle center which was packed with cars and people. Not as quick on the singletrack as did not want to miss 6 and 7.

Good bike leg but too short as into transition in 2:40:12
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