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11:02:44 Uhr

02:46:16 Std.

02:46:16 Std.

152 / 177 bpm

33.25 km

12 km/h


1069 m




33.246km with 1069m climb in 2:46:16. Mtbo score from porlock. Heavy haiku showers blowing through and a strong westerly. Very bitty with the nav and bike not been ridden since Portugal and had a number of re-assembly issues. Stoped too soon for 1 then on some lower path for 3rd ended up coming back from the one afterwards. Slow going up over dundary then into the wind. Opted out of final potential control as pat looked very small and slow and already running late opted for down Porlock hill which got me in 4 mins early. Enough to win but not very good really.
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