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11:32:15 Uhr

02:21:28 Std.

02:21:13 Std.

00:30:02 Std.

147 / 166 bpm

46.76 km

19.8 / 48.8 km/h

3:01/km / 1:13/km

545 m

90 / 149 U/min

1629 kCal




46.759km with 545m climb in 2:21:28. Mtbo worlds long race. A bit too well warmed up as I realised I did not have my dibber 11 mins before callup so a mad rush back to car and back to get it. Jumped the quarantine entry que to have 10 seconds before being called up. Nice course if you could avoid the sandy bits. One stupid error on 13 after the map change where the Russian 2nd yesterday past me to 9 mins and I tried to hang on for a bit. I then overshot the turn and took the next dead end one which petered out in green and I compounded things by cutting across carrying the bike which was messy. 125 winner 103. Just not fast enough really.
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