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10:40:55 Uhr

00:58:10 Std.

00:55:31 Std.

161 / 178 bpm

8.2 km

8.5 / 15.7 km/h

7:03/km / 3:49/km

213 m

422 kCal



8.201km with 213m climb in 58:10. VHI short brown. Good to start caught Scottish 4 min man at 5 and around him all the way from there but things got scrappy would of been better by myself he was quicker than me and I was pushing too hard to try and keep up. Lost a minute on the 50m 11 at least a minute at 12 too far up hill. 30-45 secs on 17 down too low. 55.13 Alan valeky 52 Clive 53.
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