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MATTDOG Mann » Trainingstagebuch

18:30:00 Uhr

01:00:00 Std.

sehr, sehr hart (8 / 10)



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sehr, sehr hart (8/10)

Workout Details
The Downward Spiral workout was designed to work you at your maximum level, in sustainable, decreasing time periods. And to make you beg for mercy. But that’s a side effect of The Sufferfest, you know. Here’s what you’ll get over the 60 minutes:
• Approx 10mins warm-up featuring two 30 second jumps. Video footage is from Downhill MTB Championships in Australia, and from criterium racing.
• First descending-interval set (with Paris-Roubaix footage)
o 2:00 min interval / 2:00 recovery
o 1:45 min interval / 1:45 recovery
o 1:30 min interval / 1:30 recovery
o 1:15 min interval / 1:15 recovery
o 1:00 min interval / 1:00 recovery
o :45 sec interval / :45 recovery
o :30 sec interval / :30 recovery
o :15 sec interval
• 5:00 recovery featuring trail riding in Oregon by The Rooster Blocker.
• Second descending-interval set (Same structure as first set, but this time with Fleche-Wallone footage – and with a small surprise ‘bonus’ at the end).
• 4:00 warm-down, featuring the 2009 Zurich Bicycle Film Festival entry by Gorilla Bicycles.
There are also alternative ways to ride The Downward Spiral so you can be sure to get a full indoor-season’s use out of it.



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