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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:58:13 Uhr

03:11:53 Std.

02:55:38 Std.

02:05:23 Std.

02:02:36 Std.

55.1 km

18.7 / 99.9 km/h

3:12/km / 0:36/km

1073 m

88 / 135 U/min

305 / 2000 W

399 W [1.31]


3504 kCal


Lux kaufen


55.104km with 1192m climb in 3:07:42. 3 hour mtbo score north of Kendle. Went for the more remote loop at the start although would of preferred the climb the other way. OK through first few got guided onto right route in valley by farmer on his quad bike slower than more obvious track as seen by coking out just behind Andy Conn when past farm. Could not stay with Andy up the hill he pushed far more than me breaking into. A run every now and then. I tried riding where I could and was only a walking push, close for half of it but he was better at the top. Lots of route options after the descent, went foe the outer loop and the 4 lower ones across the a6 before looping around te middle. Just that 10 15 minutes too slow to finish the loop. Had to drop 30 pointer but Quentin for the 20 past the finish when already late.

50 points off Andy and well off Graham as well. Infront of Mark and the rest though. Maybe should of done the middle loop straight after the descent maybe less climb that way and skipping 17 would flow better into 24
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