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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

12:10:41 Uhr

01:02:12 Std.

00:38:20 Std.

00:53:24 Std.

7.15 km

8.3 / 12.5 km/h

7:13/km / 4:48/km

258 m

105 / 812 W

129 W [1.23]


351 kCal



7.149km with 271m climb in 0:59:58. Ngoc new years day score event. Lots of high points on offer for the penalty so set put not worried about the time and headed for the high points. Sluggish up hill. No luck with the 150 point movable the green. 100 pointer no problem as very visible. Ended up black just in time. Should of done 28 20 38 loop and been late.

Forest was nice.
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