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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

18:06:43 Uhr

00:40:27 Std.

00:30:48 Std.

00:36:08 Std.

6.01 km

10.1 / 14.2 km/h

5:56/km / 4:13/km

95 m

127 / 2000 W

160 W [1.26]


295 kCal



6.017km with 118m climb in 0:38:29. Epoc night event on the way up to otley. Small area but realy nice bits of wood but lots of paths so very fast. Long path route to 1 and I was already feeling knackered. Not sure what the black cross was for attacking seat I went in from was a bit early rather hesitant and hit path above. Back down to lake for 2 had to have a toilet break once up hill then light got in whacky mode when I switched it back on. Ended up far right on 5 but finally got myself together from there. Hit the couple of trick ones coming back well and pushed hard to the finish.

Result where seconds mattered 1 up on Al but 1 down on Chas. Way off the real runners though.
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