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18:19:32 Uhr

01:02:15 Std.

00:38:39 Std.

00:54:38 Std.

6.55 km

7.5 / 20.9 km/h

8:0/km / 2:52/km

391 m

192 / 735 W

244 W [1.27]


653 kCal



6.553km with 414m climb in 60:51. Wnl British camp. The rain had basically stoped which was good. Was still realy slipery I was very slow on some steep downs going from tree to tree. Missed 76 just never found the small path below it not even sure if high or low 75 was tricky after this.

A pity the weather looked to deter people as Brian clearly had the worst of it setting things up.

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