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18:28:07 Uhr

01:10:14 Std.

00:47:27 Std.

01:01:55 Std.

8.1 km

8.2 / 16.3 km/h

7:19/km / 3:40/km

274 m

179 / 2000 W

242 W [1.35]


687 kCal



8.099km with 295m climb in 1:01:45. Myocardial wnl event aleckhampton hill new to me. Bigger than expecting. Set out on eastern loop. Fairly scrappy and not going very fast. Well confused at 23 not obvious what was going on at the time. Too high qnd overshot 24. Half Time up before the far 50 pointer. Not yet up to only 10 minutes left at 3 so went for the big loop for the other 50 pointer knowing I would be late. got a nit stuck at back of farm for 27 which put me off going for 26 but I should of as it would not of cost 3 mins. Up hill after the 50 pointer was not realy expected. Time up at about 4 Skiped 17 which again was probably wrong got 22 though for 6 mins late. Should of probably headed straight back from 3 there were 140 points on offer but I had a net 100 going as I went.

Ben showed how it should be done he really should of cleared it.
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