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19:54:04 Uhr

00:53:56 Std.

00:38:09 Std.

00:46:31 Std.

7.53 km

9.8 / 16.4 km/h

6:07/km / 3:39/km

111 m

153 / 699 W

193 W [1.26]


457 kCal



7.534km with 126m climb in 0:43:41. Southern night champs.

Picked map up and it looked like an easy control pick for first half at least. Set off a good steady pave making sure clean happily running around paths e.g to 6. A bit of a strudel up hill to 7 deliberatly went other way to mark. Not best but went straight into flag to get in front. Easy over road croasing counting my minute. checked other half and clear I needed to push the speed as going to be short. Lost some time on 14. Not on path I wanted so fought down then it did not go as marked and I ended up back up hill and eventually passed 18 60s?. Clean from then pleased with 20 as the only tricky control on course.

Knew I would not be far off the pace but surprised to win by so much. 7 mins on m50 and fastest on course by 3 I thin ahead of Megan which want happen often.. Expect my best ranking score ever.
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