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10:44:48 Uhr

04:36:09 Std.

03:42:25 Std.

03:01:55 Std.

74.28 km

18.9 / 59.5 km/h

3:10/km / 1:0/km

1146 m

149 / 1579 W

195 W [1.31]


2273 kCal




74.278km with 1268m climb in 4:29:36. Purbeck 4.5 hour mtbo score. Hot day decided to go clockwise as knew I would be able to get water at studland. 10 17 passing people doing 100k ultra to 15 21 bit overgrown to 9 nice climb up to 22 fast descent to 26 going down rought decent map board all over the place. Right hand upright snapped at bend. Kept going up to 14 then stoped and got first aid kit out and found some tape to bodge it together 3 or 4 mins work. Overshot 7 2 mins. 23 was looking on road when there was a parallel path 5 mins lost probably. 5 ok turn over map long road slog to 25 reverse to 6 started seeing sandy bits to 3. Missed a turn just before 19 60s 4 ok. Slow up small sidetrack by golf course to 13. Trouble finding track by golf course down to. Agglestone then very sandy. 3 mins lost for 12. Missed turn for 8 1 min and a bit slow spitting it. Filled bottle. Very busy on path to headland. Overshot and tried all the small paths before finding 24 3 mins. Slow going up hill in baking heat even with fresh water. Nice descent from 11. Even harder slow climb again passing people doing quarter and half the ultra up to 18 again nice down for 20 pushing back up to ridge before fast drop to 16. Time running late so Skiped 2 straight back past finish out for 1 back in with 24 secs to spare.

All a bit too scrappy affinity it up 18 mins lost so fortunate to have 4 point lead over Ian. Need to do better tomorrow.
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