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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

20:18:33 Uhr

00:53:08 Std.

00:51:53 Std.

00:52:31 Std.

7.05 km

8.1 / 14.7 km/h

7:24/km / 4:04/km

150 m

157 / 436 W

199 W [1.27]


532 kCal


Lux kaufen


7.046km with 170m climb in 0:52:23. Vnok training Dundry. Thought it would need just me but George drove up just as I was leaving. Opposite way to normal keeping short to start then some. New bits coming back up the hill. Bit. Of trouble with bone field of frisky cows. Kept having to turn and stop them getting too close coming down the hill behind us. Two other fields with cows were very different first ran away in front of us second just stood there as we went through the middle. Nice into the full moon towards end.

A bit short but good to be out.
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