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10:33:24 Uhr

03:33:42 Std.

02:41:27 Std.

01:53:43 Std.

01:53:52 Std.

38.58 km

14.1 / 46.6 km/h

4:15/km / 1:17/km

631 m

72 / 139 U/min

90 / 1000 W

126 W [1.40]


955 kCal



4.6 ° C


38.577km with 740m climb in 2:46:00. set out to ride the trails again but foresters not so happy about that so a diy session joining up some small chasers areas. gentelshaw wet from hendsford hill over to shoal hill and then back. Turning to snow back at carpark and getting heavy.

Learnt rather slowly how to use the tubeless repair kit. Worked but my technique was rather slow.
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