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10:00:31 Uhr

04:43:55 Std.

04:15:33 Std.

03:13:30 Std.

03:06:13 Std.

127 / 157 bpm

64.9 km

15 / 48 km/h

4:0/km / 1:15/km

1402 m

72 / 156 U/min

117 / 1000 W

167 W [1.43]


3386 kCal




64.899km with 1522m climb in 4:21:46. Mendips loop from Banwell. Over motorway and over Bleadon hill. A loop on the levels got caught by railway. Back over Bleadon hill again. Push up Crook peak lots of people out in the sun on the top. North of callow hill Road climb before rocks drop down to cheddar. a bit more pushing on climb back up. Charterhouse and past the masts onto beacon batch. Stuck to bridleway over ridge which was grim on and off pushing in the slop. Down through Rowberrow and back over Lyncombe hill. Good day to be out but chilly on the tops in the wind.
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