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Total Body PhysioBall Workout - PhysioBall Exercises
Wall Oblique Crunches – This one can take a little getting used to as you learn how to both balance and find a comfortable way to stack your feet. This is probably the exercise that takes the most practice so don’t be afraid to use the tips in the video and pause it if you need to while you let yourself get familiar with the position. This one is great for your obliques and is a good example of an exercise where the PhysioBall significantly improves the range of motion available.

Back Extensions – Tone up the lower back muscles & strengthen the back. Because you have to stabilize yourself on the wobbly ball, your glutes & hamstrings also get a workout.

Crunches – This takes a regular abdominal move and drastically improves its effectiveness and scope in terms of number of muscles engaged and depth of engagement.

Wall Squats – Using the physioball to do this exercise works the muscles in a different way than a regular squat does. It also makes it easier to keep the knees from going into potentially compromising positions.

Hamstring Curls – Between the balance required to complete this motion, and the strength it takes to get your heels under your butt, this is one of the best exercises for toning the backs of thighs.

Push Ups – Again, because you have to work to balance yourself, this engages muscles in a different way than a regular Push Up does.

Rows – The Row targets the rhomboids and deltoids in the upper back, offsetting the Push Ups that target the chest muscles.



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