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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

14:39:06 Uhr

00:56:29 Std.

00:56:14 Std.

155 / 175 bpm

7.70 km

8.2 / 16.3 km/h

7:19/km / 3:40/km

118 m

1102 kCal



7.742km with 141m climb in 0:56:52. Creseo day 3 My yes llangynidr. The mist had lifted so easier than it could of been. Really struggled with terrain running was really just above a walk and hard work. Further south than expected on 2 lucky to relocate on 3. Nothing much else to report pleased with 6 and 7 when where it was tricky. 4th m45 but we'll off leader. Surprisingly close to Clive 4s up on Paul.
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