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01:30:00 Std.




Quick Warm Up Cardio Workout 5 min

Kelli's Superset Total Body Strength Workout: Calorie Torching, Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workout
Workout Structure
Groups of two exercises
40 Seconds on; 15 seconds rest; x2
You will need: dumbbells, an open wall (optional)
Warm up and cool down are not included; both are recommended

Printable Total Body Strength Training Workout
Lunge + Row

Deadlift Toes Out
Ski Squat + Tricep Extension

Deadlift Toes In
Curtsy Lunge + Curls

Squat + Overhead Press
Halo + Good Morning

Wall Sit Lateral Raises
Side Lunge Ventral Raises

Bridge + Chest Press
Back Bow + Pulls

Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells - Challenging Dynamic Superset Workout
Printable Strength Workout
Clean & Press (alternating, from floor)
Plank Push Up + Close Row Kickback

Goblet Squat Curls
Reverse Lunge + Knee + Overhead Press

Lateral Raises + Curtsy Lunge

Ski Squat + Ventral Raises
Pullover Press & Bridge

Toned & Curvy Body Workout - Exercises to get Curves
Exercises in this routine:
Butterfly Bridge + Chest Press – This hybrid motion turns into a total body exercise that will build & firm the glutes and the pectoral muscles, which keep both muscles from succumbing to the dreaded sagging due to gravity. Kicking your knees outward during the bridge so that the soles of your shoes are actually pressed together more effectively targets the outer thigh & hits the glutes in a different way than the regular bridge does.

Dumbbell Pullover – Two of the primary muscles worked during this exercise are the pecs and the latissimus dorsi (along with the obliques, triceps, and rhomboids to name a few). By engaging the pecs, you are again fighting back against gravity & sagging. Engaging the lats can create a more shapely upper body that makes your waist look smaller in contrast (which is actually a big component of the curvy body shape)

Side to Side Lunge + Front Shoulder Raise – Glutes, inner, and outer thigh & shoulders are all working during this high calorie burner.

Sumo Squat + Heel Raise & Overhead Press – Make your squats deep to really target those glutes. Don’t forget the overhead press at the top of the motion or the raising of the heels at the bottom of the squat.

Reverse Fly – These predominately target the rhomboids and trapezius. This makes the list of exercises to get curves because of the way that it improves your posture, helping you to keep your shoulders back instead of them rounding forward, which can diminish and distort the look of curvature you already have.

Crossover Lunge + Dumbbell Curl – Inner thigh, outer thigh, glutes, calves, your entire core, ankle and knee complexes, and biceps are the focus of this exercise.

Straight Leg Dead Lift – Do this exercise properly and you will feel it in your glutes, especially as you come back up from the downward motion. This is a great exercise to get a rounder butt that is firm and shapely.

Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raise – Because you hold a side plank during the leg raises, this targets your obliques as well as your outer thigh muscles (which is good for creating a smaller waist, which is conducive to looking more curvaceous overall).

Push Up – Whether you do a full push up or a half one from your knees, this is a great exercise for targeting the pectorals using only bodyweight.

Quick Cool Down Stretching Workout



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