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Comprehensive Total Body HIIT Cardio and Core Workout
Warm Up:
Do each motion for 30 seconds except for the last which should be done for 60 seconds.

High Knee March
Standing Crisscross Crunches
Torso Circles
Up and Out Hops
Fly Jacks
Lateral Jumps

HIIT Tabata Workout:
Do each group of two exercises in an AA BB pattern twice through for a total of 4 minutes. Each individual set is 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off and will be done a total of 4 times per exercise.

High Knees
Quick Feet

Traveling Mt. Climbers
Plyometric Push Ups

Star Jumps
Butt Kickers

Static Runners
Hillbilly Squats

Jumping Lunges
Plank Walks

Core Workout:
Do 20 repetitions of each exercise. All are a single count except for the Russian twist which is counted only on one side of the twist (or double count each side 1, 1, 2, 2,... etc.)

Jackknife Crunches
Back Bows
Side Hip Raises (Left & Right)
Russian Twists

Cool Down:
Do each stretch for 30 seconds each on both sides (if it has a left and right). Hold the stretch static keeping a constant stretch by trying to gently push further throughout the allotted time. Do not pulse or bounce and do not do a second workout after this stretch as it will temporarily loosen your joints and increase chase of injury. Wait for at least 3 hours before doing another workout or do your next workout first then come back to do this stretch component.

Crossover Hamstring Stretch (Left & Right)
Quadriceps Stretch (Left & Right)
Center Hamstring Stretch
Inside Thigh Stretch (Left & Right)
Seated Hamstring and Torso Stretch (Left & Right)
Seated Butterfly
Deep Glute Stretch (Left & Right)
Torso Rotation Stretch (Left & Right)



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