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Advanced Abs Workout - 5 Minute Weighted Abs Workout
Printable Abs Workout
Toe Touch Crunches - Hold your weighted object straight up above your shoulder joint and crunch upwards to your toes.

Russian Twists - Lean back as far as you can control and twist from left to right; the further you lean back, the harder it gets, and you can also increase the difficulty by lifting your feet up off of the ground.

Back Bows - Stretch your arms out straight over your head, holding onto a weight if you want to make it harder, and engage your core to bring your arms, chest, and thighs up off of the ground.

Jackknife Crunches - Lie down in a full body stretch, hold your weight in your hands, and bring both arms and legs together as if you were trying to touch your toes.

Rotating Side Star Dips - Start in a high plank and bring one weight up to rest on the hip as you lower your body to hover over the ground. Bring the weight back down to support your weight as you roll to the other side and repeat.



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