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2x Challenging Exercise Ball Ab Workout (4 Runden)
About each of the exercises:
Physioball Pike – This requires both strength & flexibility, so don’t attempt this one if you are new to working out. This exercise ends up being a great total body exercise as all of the muscle groups have to pull together to complete the motion.

Ball Crunch – The basic crunch with a twist; the upward squeeze of the lower body in conjunction with the crunch helps to engage the lower abdominals, as well as the upper motion.

Ab Rollouts – The difficulty of this move can be manipulated by adjusting the placement of your upper body on the physioball. For example, if you want to make it harder, set the ball closer to your wrists; to make it easier, place it closer to the elbows (while in the starting position, before you begin to rollout). Make sure to keep a straight line in your back throughout this exercise.

Jackknife Crunch – This is the same motion of the traditional Jackknife Crunch, except for that you are passing the ball back and forth between hands and feet. If this is too difficult, you can do the motion without the ball. With the ball, this ends up being a good exercise for the inner thighs, as well.

Plank Rotation Kicks – This one targets the entire core, and also engages the thighs to complete the rotating kicks.

Hyperextension Crunch – A basic crunch with additional range of motion, it can be helpful to have something to place on your feet as an anchor while you complete this move. Focus on really squeezing at the top of the motion and never really letting your muscles relax until you are finished with all of the repetitions.
ca. 8 min blogilates Perfect 10 Abs



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