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Partner Yoga Workout
Workout Structure
9 Partner stretches
No equipment
Fluid stretches held for varying amounts of time

Supported Quadriceps Stretch - Stand on one leg and pull the opposite leg to your butt so that you feel a stretch through the front of your thigh. Rest the opposite hand on your shoulders partner for balance.

Chest/Shoulder Stretch/Press - Place both hands on your partners shoulders and bend at the waist until you both feel a stretch through your lower back and shoulders.

Partner Backbend Stretch - Grab one another by the hands or arms (depending on your body sizes) and lean backwards so that you feel a stretch all through your core. If one of you is significantly lighter than the other, you can make up for the difference by stepping forward with one foot, as I do, in between Daniel's feet.

Tree Pose Pulls - Stand back to back and go into a tree pose. Stretch your arms out wide to your sides and place your palms so that they're facing one another; now pull back and forth ever so slightly, and slowly, so that both of you feel a stretch through your chest.

Seated Torso Stretch - Sit crisscross applesauce back to back and turn in opposite directions to stretch all through the torso.

Child's Pose + Toe Touch - Have one person get into a child's pose, and the other person stand near their feet. While the person is doing the child's pose, the one who is standing bends forward for a hamstring and lower back stretch, while walking their hands up and down the opposite person's back (a mini back massage!).

Seated Hamstring Pulls - Sit with legs wide; grab each others hands (or forearms depending on your flexibility) and gently pull each other back and forth, holding the stretch briefly before pulling the other person back.

Butterfly Pulls - Stay in the same position as the seated hamstring pulls, but bend at the knees to bring the soles of your feet together; repeat the slow pulls back and forth.

Toe Touch + Backbend - This one has to be my new favorite! Don't be intimidated; if you can do a backbend, this will probably feel easy, and even if you can't do a backbend, you will find that this actually demands less range of motion than that more traditional move. Have one person lean forward for a seated toe tough stretch. Have your partner press their back into yours to push up into a bridge; now let your arms hang for a nice stretch.



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