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Marlene Frau Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

00:27:00 Std.




Brutal Fat Burning Cardo HIIT + Dynamic Total Body 27 min
Minute Warm Up
Total Body Toning Strength Workout + HIIT
Cool Down & Stretch

Cardio Warm Up: 30 Seconds Each
- Boxer Shuffle
- Toe Touch Circles
- Standing Jackknife
- Lateral Hop
- Lunge + Curl
- Squat + Press

Strength & HIIT Workout
In this workout we will be doing two different total body strength exercises per group, repeating each group twice, in an AB, AB format. There will be a short active rest in between each before moving on to a round of HIIT. The HIIT exercise will be done in a tabata style of 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds off, 4 times through. All you're going to need is a set of dumbbells to complete this routine.

Reverse Lunge + Lift & Tricep Extension
Ski Squat + Step Backs +Overhead Press
Plank Jack Burpee

Water Break

Push Up + Row
Bridge Extension + Pullovers
Crisscross Thigh Slap Jumps

Cool Down & Stretch



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