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Marlene Frau » Trainingstagebuch

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Krafttraining - Total Body



15 min Kettlebell workout Video
Workout Structure
10 Exercises
1 Minute Each
20 Seconds Rest
Warm up and cool down not included (we recommend both)

Kettlebell Exercises

Swing - Daniel is using 40lbs - Keep your back flat, and use the strength of your legs to get the weight up to roughly shoulder height, using a quick and forceful motion at the hip joint to gain momentum for that upward movement.

Halo - 25 lbs - Hold the weight by the handles, keep the elbows in tight around your head and make a circular movement in alternating directions.

Figure 8 Curl - 30 lbs - Weave in and out of your legs in a figure 8 pattern, completing a curl each time that the weight is up in front of your body. This one may take some time to get used to; go as slow as you need to until you feel comfortable. It's especially important to keep a flat back for this one.

High Pull - 35 lbs - Similar to the Kettlebell Swing above, except for that at the top of the motion, pull weight straight in towards, and then away from your body at roughly shoulder height. Repeat this on both sides of the body.

Kettlebell Snatch - 30 lbs - Squat, then use the momentum that your legs generate in coming up from the squat in order to get underneath the weight of the kettlebell, in one smooth movement. Repeat on both sides of the body.

Single Arm Swing - 40 lbs - Same movement as above; single armed. Repeat one interval on each side of the body.

Clean and Press - 35 lbs - Similar to the snatch exercise above, with a pause at the midpoint of the shoulder, requiring two squats to get that weight up above your head.

15 min Total Body Boot Camp
Mt Climbers
Russian Twist

Squat Jack

Jack Knife Crunch
Back Bow Crossover

Wide Push-Up
Supine Push-Up

Plank Jacks

Lake Yoga Workout - Fluid Yoga Stretches 6 min



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