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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

19:44:59 Uhr

01:57:15 Std.

01:33:52 Std.

130 / 152 bpm

23.20 km

14.8 / 35.8 km/h

4:03/km / 1:40/km

477 m

708 kCal


11.4 ° C


23.198km with 525m climb in 1:50:22. Banff circuit before rain. Nice natural stuff to start with a bit of banking on some corners. Then up to the slopes of Tunnel mountain for the real stuff. Quick down Star Wars and back up Return of the Jedi. Then onto the un named serious twisty one. Up the the high point ok but then a few hatchbacks in on the decent I was too slow and hesitant on a steep turn and managed tot go over the bars. Bruised right knee and left shoulder worst damage left wrist though. Put saddle down and carried on but very slow and tentative. Pushed the rougher bits.

Wrist not looking too good for Golden tomorow. If its not a good bit better overnight I may just be touring around with posibly a big road climb to make some use of the bike. There looks to be a good candidate in Revelstoke.
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