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10:58:17 Uhr

02:34:12 Std.

01:22:20 Std.

134 / 203 bpm

13.61 km

9.4 / 13 km/h

6:22/km / 4:36/km

750 m

871 kCal


23 ° C


13.613km with 773m climb in 2:06:43. Run or more like walk up the steep stuff. Up Yates mountain. Probably moveing longer than the 2 hours 6 here but some of the climb was very steep and I felt some altitude affects. Path on my map up the ridge very sketchy or none existant whereas the main path I came down was a motorway with people and bikes going up. Had my tights on which was mad as it was probably 25+ c when I got back car was sweltering. Hard work running the flat bit at end around dam nut lots of people out so no stopping.
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