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11:03:08 Uhr

01:28:19 Std.

01:06:34 Std.

144 / 198 bpm

9.77 km

10.5 / 14.4 km/h

5:42/km / 4:10/km

258 m

339 kCal


15 ° C


8.789km with 274m climb in 1:01:34. VHI m45 short brown. Could feel leg warming up so set out to be steady not pushing but trying to be sharp on the nav. Nice course kept you concentrating. Probably lost less than a minute so ok nav wise worst was when with but Sarah Rollins when she caught me for 3 mins could not push the pace to keep up on the paths before the tricky finish so she got away. Overtook the Irish guy 3 mins in front so not last.
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