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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

12:34:22 Uhr

01:00:03 Std.

00:34:30 Std.

00:01:21 Std.

144 / 171 bpm

10.22 km

17.5 / 96.6 km/h

3:25/km / 0:37/km

87 m

67 / 164 U/min

349 kCal


Scale kaufen

19.0 ° C


10.219km with 117m climb in 38:24. informal 2 by 2 sprint relay. Had watched the previous mixed races so had a good clue what was going on. Patrick did first leg came back respectable just down on windy doing his 3 rd leg to make up a team. Stuff came up very quick after the 1st couple of longer legs slight miss before spectator missing a turn and citing through to get back on track. Another good leg by Patrick first British team put this time. More scrappy the second te and my try at cutting through was mot good with 2 big gullys ti cross. A good workout though.
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