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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:57:51 Uhr

03:11:25 Std.

02:50:26 Std.

140 / 217 bpm

40.22 km

17.5 / 59.7 km/h

3:25/km / 1:0/km

1253 m

1014 kCal


Scale kaufen

15 ° C


40.223km with 1302m climb in 3:00:29. . 3 hour mtbo score. Set out in rain but ok after 20 mins. No clear route around cordon hill checkpoints. Went to far end and clee back. Just about 45 mins for back over hill north of start which I thought was enough but the route to the 20 point 7 was far hillier than the contours I was expecting. Had to dump the 40 pointer and still a battle not to be too late back on the final climb back over the hill. -12 penalties 398 ppints 8 better than Nick so 2 points down overall.
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