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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

08:32:43 Uhr

00:45:19 Std.

00:32:57 Std.

00:28:43 Std.

11.47 km

20.5 / 37 km/h

2:55/km / 1:37/km

40 m

81 / 129 U/min

205 kCal


Charge Mixer kaufen

18.7 ° C


11.474km with 48m climb in 33:52. Work. Had a colision with another bike by the allotments. Brused right thigh changing cut left knee but not too bad others block bloody nose. Was at the cycle path junction where I go straight and people come in from the left up the hill. I normally stay far right but there was a runner coming up straight on that side so I was more central. Other guy pulled out looking back at runner. I never saw him look my way till I had the rear wheel locked up but with the tuner there was no room to miss him so a hard head on colision.

Need new front disc and new phone holder.
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